Electric Department

City of Seward Electric Department

1345 River St

Larry Ruether – Electric Superintendent

phone  Billing: 402-643-2928 (ext. 5, opt. 2)

clock  Monday-Friday, 7:30 am – 4:00 pm

Electric Rates


In the early 1900s electric lights came into use by towns and villages in Seward County. The first power plants were steam driven generators.  Soon Burdette Boyes, Henry Bobson and others formed the Blue River Power Company and supplied 24 hour service to several towns up and down the Blue River Valley. The headquarters was in Seward and a number of dams were built on the Blue River and its tributaries. Because of the difficulty of getting cross arms to carry the power lines Mr. Boyes talked to Hughes Brothers who ran a plane mill and did general contract building in Seward into tooling up and making an order of cross arms. Hughes Brothers grew into the largest cross arm factory in the world.

Seward Electric Linemen on a pole On August 28, 1903 notice was given to the people of Seward for a special election to be held for a purpose of enabling the city to raise a sum of $7,000 to assist in establishing an electric light system to be owned and operated by the City of Seward. Ordinance No. 258 passed July 28, 1903. A Power House was built along the Blue River in the south east corner of town. By the spring of 1904 there were 23 miles of wire strung, 402 poles set and 131 customers being served by the City of Seward.

Today the Electric Department serves 2,725 residential customers and 536 Commercial and Industrial customers with a peak load of 23,000 kw. The department is governed by City Council and operated by Superintendent Larry Ruether, five Lineman, one Meter Technician and two Billing Staff. Every October we invite the 5th grade students of Seward to our facility for an Electrical Safety Class and teach them about electricity and show them the tools we use to safely work with electricity. We are dedicated to providing safe reliable power and quality service for our customers.

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