LB840 Sales Tax Application Review Board

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The Economic Development Program shall have an Application Review Board, which shall consist of six (6) residents of the City who shall be appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council and serve for terms of 3 years each; provided that such appointees shall be appointed in such fashion that their terms shall be staggered, and two ( 2) members of the City Council, appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council. Persons appointed and serving on the Application Review Board shall serve without compensation, and shall be held harmless for any and all actions in carrying out their responsibilities and goodwill. The City Administrator shall serve as an ex -officio member of the Application Review Board.

Agendas & Minutes

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Application Review Board Members

Ellen Beck (Council)
Pat Coldiron
Trish Johnson
Karl Miller (Council)
John Owens
Kevin Sagehorn (Resident)
Jeremy Tonniges
Ann Underwood

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