Fireworks Permit Application

Printable Form

The City does not currently accept online payments for fireworks permits. You can fill out the online form below and then you must submit your permit fees at City Hall.

$100.00 fee for Local Non-Profit Organizations (INSIDE SEWARD CITY LIMITS)
$500.00 fee for Retail Vendors (Or Out-Of-City Non-Profits)

Online Form

Business or Organization Name

Non-Profit type (if applicable) LocalOut-of-City

Business or Organization Location

Owner or Contact's Name

Owner or Contact's Mailing Address

Owner or Contact's Telephone

Email Address


Please attach information showing non-profit status (if applicable)

Please attach a copy of your Nebraska State Fire Marshal License

Please attach a copy of your Certificate of Liability Insurance

Please sign your name in the box below using your mouse on a desktop computer or with your finger on a touchscreen.

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