Application for Parade, March or Special Event

If a parade, march or special event will involve the temporary use of any portion of the state highway system, formal action by the City Council is required and the City is required to provide 30 days notice to the State of Nebraska. The Council meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month and agenda requests must be received by noon on the Wednesday prior to the next Council meeting and must include a copy of the insurance policy from the sponsoring organization.


    Sponsoring Organization



    Approximate Duration


    We also agree to, and understand the terms of City Code, 382-8.4 & 382-8.5, and have filed a certificate of liability insurance with the City, with sufficient personal sureties as a condition to the granting of such permit, conditioned to indemnify the City for any loss, damage or liability incurred or caused by the conduct of such parade or march.


    Please attach a certificate of liability insurance with the City

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    The City reserves the right to cancel such parade, march or special event permit if the terms of the City Code are not met.

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