Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission consists of five members who serve a five-year term. Commissioners must be citizens of the United States, Seward residents for at least three years immediately preceding such appointment, and electors of the County wherein they reside. At the time of any appointment, not more than three members of the Commission, including the one or ones to be appointed, shall be registered electors of the same political party.

The Commission is responsible for the examination process used to determine the relative qualifications of applicants who seek employment in the police department in order to establish an eligibility list for the Mayor to use in the hiring process.

Agendas & Minutes

Upcoming Meetings

Civil Service Commission
2/22/23 @ 5:00 pm

Civil Service Commission
3/22/23 @ 5:00 pm

Civil Service Commission Members

Brad Bowen
Elizabeth Neeley
Mike Hecker
Stacey Parr
Von Thomas

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