Aging Services Commission

The Aging Services Commission consists of 9 members who serve a two-year term and can only serve two consecutive terms. One councilmember shall serve as an ex-officio member. The Commission develops the organizational and financial support within the community to ensure long-term stability and continuity of the aging services program by the utilization of all federal and state grants and funding available, and fees and assessments from the participants of the program.

Agendas & Minutes

Upcoming Meetings

Aging Commission Board
9/8/20 @ 1:00 pm

Aging Commission Board
11/10/20 @ 1:00 pm

Commission Members

Martha Bender
Diane Hill
Cindy Krauel
Lisa Karel
Cheryl Zumpfe
Sally Manzer
Alyssa Hendrix
James Varney
Sandra Wright

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